submissive boy slut takes it from mature dominatrix 

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“kill myself” was the most common answer when they contemplated the possibility of life as a girl

Yeah, tell me again how misogyny “isn’t real” and men and boys actually “love”, “like” and “respect the female sex”? This is how deep misogynistic propaganda runs in this world. Men and boys are so viscerally contemptuous of anything or anyone who/that is female or feminine, or perceived to be female or feminine, that they would rather commit suicide than to be associated with— or become a member of— the female sex. As Germaine Greer said, “women have no idea how much men hate them.”

they would rather die then be treated how they treat us


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Festival Fashion at Outside Lands

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i’m famous

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watercolor confessions

The idea that their personal choices and identities are socially constructed is outrageous to libertarians. To them every individual is a distinct whole who has vast inner potential for freedom and self-realization if no one curtails their activities. We are born free but society inhibits our desires and yearnings through conservative mores and traditions. Liberals think you can change the world – spread life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – by individuals changing their minds one person at a time through education. In these respects liberalism is idealist, naturalist, voluntarist and fragmented. It does not see that the institutions of society are male fabricated whether they are liberal (e.g., pornography and the economy) or conservative (e.g., religion and the government). Male desire and power have built the world as we know it. Consequently there is no such thing as individuality divorced from socially structured life, no pure unconstructed choice. Therefore male social institutions must be analyzed to determine how they affect the social groups (e.g., women) and individuals within them and how these organizations must be remade so that there can be real equality and freedom for all.



Julie Delpy in 1990

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